Back to School – Did you Forget Something?

By now your back to school shopping list is complete. You have picked up pencils, backpacks, sneakers and socks. You can now breathe a sigh of relief that your young one is ready for another school year. But there may be a couple of items that never made it onto your back to school list. Did you remember to stop at your local jeweler for something to mark this milestone? If not don’t worry we are here to help.

Every new school year is a milestone worth noting. One great way to commemorate it is with a new charm bead or an alternate metal fashion ring. Or perhaps you are sending your child off to college. Would a new wristwatch help the college freshman to be on time for class? We can’t guarantee that a new watch will ensure punctuality, but surely every time they look at that watch they will think about the people that love them and want them to succeed in this new chapter of life. Whatever your back to school jewelry need is, stop into Amoskeag Jewelers today and let our helpful staff complete your back to school list.

Buying Estate Jewelry – The Green Choice

We have already discussed how many people are looking for small changes that they can make in life to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. One small change many people never consider is purchasing estate jewelry. We take the time to look for and purchase other items made from recycled materials, so why not our jewelry? Estate jewelry is 100% recycled, it offers a great value and is a green choice. That’s a small change you can feel good about.

Some people hesitate to purchase estate jewelry because they are worried that it will wear out quickly and not hold up as well as a new item. With all of the estate jewelry from Amoskeag Jewelers you don’t need to worry about the condition. We only sell items in our estate showcase that have been thoroughly cleaned and checked over by our experienced team. If any repairs are deemed necessary, we take the time to repair the item to like new condition. So if you buy estate jewelry from Amoskeag Jewelers you can rest easy. Why not stop by today and see for yourself why estate jewelry is such a good choice?